Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hiking with friends

August 26th I climbed two more mountains on my journey to conquer the world...no jusk kidding. It was a beautiful day, I was up at 4:00am to start my way towards the Mountains of NH. The reason I was up so early was to capture some beauty in the sky that morning..I was hoping for the sunrise of a lifetime.

This is one shot I took...Its actually very dark out at this time but the camera captures light as it exposes the frame so the longer I set the exposure the brighter and more colors will be seen...Believe it or not even in the dead of night there is color in the sky...really...I'm not kiddig..hahaha

After this shot I headed to the Kangamangus Hwy to try to get the same type of shot but with the Swift river as my subject...I didn't capture the sun rise (I was to late)..but I managed a couple of cool shots...oh and hehe I took a FB shot of myself...I'm not Vain..I just needed something new.

I wasn't to meet my great new friends until 9, so I had allot of time to explore and shoot other landscapes such as these...it was so much fun and so early...Its my favorite time of day.